What do I set in the Mobile Data settings?

3G Internet

When you are in the Mobile Data window, you can set the SIM Pin and APN settings, just in case you have inserted a SIM card into your UNI-GR1.

By filling in the PIN and entering the APN settings, you can enable the mobile data SIM card & cellular mode to receive data from your internet provider. An APN is the name of a gateway between a 3G/4G network of your carrier’s cellular network and another computer network, the public internet.


APN stands for Access Point Name. When we want the UNI-GR1 to make a data connection, the APN must be configured with the correct settings so that the carrier can read these settings to generate an IP address for the UNI-GR1. All the complex things are done on the carrier side, but we only need to make sure the right settings are placed. Once the settings are correctly set, the UNI-GR1 will have an active data connection. This also means that without the right settings, the UNI-GR1 will not have an active data connection.

marXact SIM

When you have a SIM-card from marXact, you only have to select “marXact SIM” in Mobile Data settings and the login settings will be automatically programmed for you.

Other SIM

In case you have any other SIM, you can select “other” and fill out the details as provided by your carrier and click save.

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