What are the Logs in my UNI-Cloud and what can I do with it?

You might have seen the “Logs” counter that is visible in your dashboard in the UNI-Cloud. To see this counter, you need to be logged in to the UNI-Cloud with your credentials, you can log in via https://cloud.marxact.com. If you want to see all your current logs, you click Logs on the left side. In the new screen, you see all the current files that are currently exported from the UNI-Connect survey tool to the UNI-Cloud. If you do not know how to export your project to the UNI-Cloud, please read our article: How can I export DXF/CSV files to my desktop computer? 

When you have the logs in front of you, you can view, edit, delete, mark or download the file. 

Currently, viewing only shows you the hardcoded details of a file. If you want to view the DXF drawing, you need to download the file and directly load it into AutoCad or other CAD software.

Press on the green Edit button to edit the current file name to the preferred file name of the project.

By pressing on the red Trash button, you delete the file only from the UNI-Cloud. Projects in UNI-Connect will not be affected by deleting in the UNI-Cloud.

If you press on the orange Download button, you download the file to the current device you are on upon pressing the Download button.

When you press the pink Envelope, you set the Logs counter the same as when you logged into your UNI-Cloud and mark it as seen/unseen. Just like you can set an E-mail as unread in the dashboard of emails within your E-mail program.

If you want to search for a file, you use the filter to fill in the name of the file (project) that you want to find between all logs made.

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