How do I open the position information?

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You are able to view your position information more in detail in your project environment. By pressing the information icon as shown in the picture below, you will get a new window with detailed information about your position.

Press on the information icon to open the new window with the information about your position. This opens the position info screen.

General information

In this window, you review the settings that are set for the project you are currently in. These include the pole height and the minimum accuracy needed to record a point.

Position information

This is the same information as you find in the dashboard of UNI-Connect. However, extended with the Dilution of Position. Want to learn more about your position information? Please read our article:  What does everything on the UNI-Connect Dashboard mean?

Signal to Noise Ratio

This window gives you information about the signals you currently receive. The higher the bar, the stronger the signal is. The different colours indicate the different satellite constellations.


In the Skyplot window, you see all the satellites and their position above you. Zero indicates North and 180 indicates South. The dots in the middle are right above you, the ones on the edge are in a 10 degree-angle from you.
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