What is the maximum file size of DXF/CSV file I can import?

When you receive a DXF file for the stake-out from the office, chances are that the DXF’s file size is too big to import.

The maximum size for a DXF-file to import is set to 10 megabytes(MB), with a maximum of 2000 elements. This is done to prevent your project to clog up with elements you don’t need and makes your survey work easier.

In case your file is too big, the answer is to keep the DXF file as simple as possible for the stake-out. Within AutoCAD, simply make an export of only the object you need to stake-out in that project.

For surveying, you usually don’t need to have the whole complex drawing visible in the field. In case you did not make the design, you ask the one that provided you with the file to make a lightweight DXF export/file of just the object you need.

Just like DXF, CSV files have the same maximum file size of 10 megabytes(MB).

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