How do I perform a stakeout?

Import your file

If you want to make a point for stakeout you first need to import the file for stakeout. This can be a DXF or CSV file. If you need help with importing the file you can read our article: how can I import my DXF/CSV files in my project? When the file is imported into the project you can select the point you want to use for stakeout. By selecting it you will see three new options that will pop up in the screen in the form of an icon.

Navigate to the point

With the buttons around the point, you can delete the point (red), resume line (yellow), or use the point for stakeout (green). By pressing the green icon you will use the point for stakeout and the live map will show a navigation arrow with a line towards the point where you have to go to stakeout. It wil also show you the distance towards the point.

You are the black arrow on the screen with the UNI-GR1. Try to walk to the point for stakeout and you’ll notice that the arrow will navigate you together with the green line to the point. The map is oriented towards the North meaning that if you hold your back to the South, staking out is as simple as moving forwards, backwards or left / right to get to the point. In the example show above, you would have to walk 12.8298 meters to the right / east.

Hold the pole level, you’re almost done!

When you’re near to the point for stakeout, you will notice that something new has popped up that shows you a more precise system for navigating you to the point. Try to move the UNI-GR1 as precise as possible in the circle. When you are exactly in the circle, the inner circle will be filled green. The orientation remains the same as the map, keep your back positioned to the south to make the green circle move forwards, backwards or to the sides.

Mark your spot

Make sure you keep the UNI-GR1 completely level to assure the bottom tip of the pole represents the green round. When you see a solid green circle you can click done and hit your mark in to the ground at the place you hold the tip of the survey pole. This way you can use the UNI-GR1 for centimeter accurate stakeouts!

Tip: In case the position updates very slowly, change the position output to internal mode and select the ’10’ seconds interval to achieve the fastest updating performance for positioning in the live map.

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