L1 L2 Height

The height of the L1 and L2 phase centres are extremely important if you are going to use your own software. It is of the upmost importance that the pole-height settings are correct, if you want to get the right height measurements. Therefore we have made this support article to help you. 

As you can see (in the pictures below) the L1 and L2 phase centres are placed close to the top of the device. So, for the right pole-height settings you should not only take into account the length of your pole, but also the distance from the ARP (bottom of the UNI) and the L1 and L2 phase centres. And, if you are using an adapter (the bottom picture) then you also have to take into account the 16mm of the adapter.

So, let's say you have a pole of 200cm and are using the adapter, your total height will be 209.476cm.

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