What does synchronization do?

Synchronization is extremely important if you are making use of UNI-Cloud. This means that everything you do in your UNI-GR1 will be sent to the Uni-Cloud, and vice versa. So anything you import into a project in Uni-Cloud that is linked to a device, shall be sent to your UNI-GR1. 

Synchronization is important to make sure all your projects are synced to Uni-Cloud and also to your UNI-GR1 device. Your UNI-GR1 needs internet and a cloud connection to synchronize. You can see this easily by looking at the symbols on the top right of your screen in Uni-Connect. If the cloud is completely white, then you have a connection with the cloud. See picture:

You can also see if your device is synchronizing by going to Survey > Projects. Here you can see how many projects, points or layers are being synced to your device. If it is complete you will see the following: 

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