How do I charge my UNI-GR1?

Wall plug

The best way to charge your UNI-GR1, is to plug the adapter in the wall while connected to the UNI-GR1 using the 12-Pin adapter. Turn the UNI-GR1 off and connect the 12-pin connector in the UNI-GR1(C1). Once done, connect the C3 side to the plug of the power adapter. Now you can charge the UNI-GR1. The estimated charging time from 0 to 100% is 4± hours.

Be cautious while inserting the 12-pin connector as you may damage the pins. Make sure the connector smoothly falls into the socket by turning the plug until the connector alligns. If you tighten the screw of the plug before it’s in the right place, you can damage the UNI-GR1.

USB Charging

You can connect the UNI-GR1 to a powerbank or USB socket which goes into the wall plug with the Micro-USB cable. Please note that this does not nearly charge as fast as charging it with the 12-pin cable and is only meant to give you some extra time when in the field.

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