How do I send the position out to the UNI-Connect Survey Tool?

Internal mode

When you want to use the location only in the UNI-Connect interface and survey tool, you can set it to ‘Internal’. This way, you don’t output the UNI’s location over any other external way. 

With the Internal mode selected, you can select how many times you want the position of the UNI-GRx to update within UNI-Connect per second. The Internal mode will let you set the interval for your position on the live map in your project in the UNI-Connect Survey Tool. In this mode, the UNI-GR1 shuts off the NMEA messages to every other external connection and has more processing power to provide you with the best positional information on the live map. Selecting ’10’ in the selection window provides you with the best accuracy in motion within the live map. The number you select will give the number of intervals per second.

The live map
The interval
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