How do I switch between mountpoints in my profile in UNI-Connect?

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Under ‘Profile’ within UNI-Connect, you can set how you would like to receive correction data from base stations. To do so, you have to set the UNI-GR1 in rover mode and the positioning mode on DGPS or RTK.

If you want to receive real-time-kinematics or ‘RTK’ correction data, you must fill in the NTRIP settings to receive this data and get centimetre accuracy. In this NTRIP box, you fill in the information from the package slip, that you received from marXact with the UNI-GR1, for UNI-RTK Premium corrections, or the information provided by your local RTK or CORS network.

Once filled-in, and if the UNI-GR1 has an active internet connection, you can hit search and select the desired mount point from the list. Alternatively, you can choose to manually fill in the mount point.

The selected mount point, is a defined source by the NTRIP Caster that gives you correction data related to that specific point. This can be correction data from a single base, or from a virtual base created based on your location (in the last case, don’t forget to click ‘send NMEA data’).

This NTRIP Caster you use, is basically an online server, used to transfer correction data from satellites generated by base stations through the NTRIP Caster to your rover (UNI-GR1). All of this data is transferred online. That’s why you always need an active data connection to receive RTK corrections. 


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