What can I learn from the solution icon in my statusbar?

The solution status

You can learn a lot and see all you need to know about your position directly from within the status bar. By learning these forms of indication, you can efficiently see what the status is at that current moment while setting your point. In case the positioning mode is set to RTK, you can see the following indications on the pictures, take a look at the icons left of the UNI-Cloud icon:

NONE – means no signal solution:

If you see this in the status bar, you probably have a roof above your head or there are too many obstacles for the UNI-GR1 to receive any satellite signal. It indicates that at this moment the UNI-GR1 does not receive enough signals (yet) to get a position. Try to go to a nice spot that has a clear line of sight with the sky and the satellites above you.

SINGLE – means no corrections:

You are receiving satellite signals from satellites in view but you are not using corrections for the accuracy. Without corrections there will be an accuracy of roughly 1.5 meters.

FLOAT – means no acceptable FIX solution yet:

In this state, the UNI tries to get you an acceptable FIX and is trying to calculate complex measurements for the RTK corrections. In the float state, the UNI-GR1 is not able to give you centimetre accuracy yet and you still have to wait a couple more seconds. This state will always be the state before having a fix. The “empty” round indicates that is has a location, the arrow indicates that it’s receiving correction data.

FIX – means differential corrections with RTK (NTRIP/RTCM):

This means that you have the best solution possible. If you see this indication in your status bar, we have provided you with a solid FIX to survey your point, polyline or polygon.

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