How do I survey my first point, polyline or polygon in my project?

This article explains how to survey a point, polyline or polygon after you opened a project in the marXact UNI-Connect survey software.

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To begin surveying your first point, you need to start with opening the project. In case you don’t have one yet, see how to create a project here. When you have opened a project and – in case your accuracy matches your required accuracy as set in the project settings -, you are ready to survey your first point on the live map. 

Once open, you need to select the object type you want to survey first.For a point: select the pinpoint icon to set a point. For a poly-line: select the polyline icon to set a line.For a polygon: select the polygon icon to make a polygon.

Once you have selected the right object type, you hit the big blue + button. Select the layer in the next screen and maybe an attribute if necessary and click “save”. You have now recorded your point or first point of a polyline or polygon.

In case you are surveying a poly-line or polygon, simply move towards your next point and hit the big blue + button again.

Tip: The circled icon is a GPS icon that will set a lock on your position in the live map. When you unlock it, you are free to look at other places in the live map.

Check out the tutorial video for a step-by-step instruction, starting at 10:30;
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