How do I create a survey project?

Create your new project

When you start a new surveying project, you simply click on New Project within UNI-Connect, followed by -> Survey – Projects.

Name & CRS

Name your project and set the coordinate system you want to use. Default or Native RTK/GNSS settings will get you in decimal degrees using the GNSS CRS. In case of single-use this is WGS84 and in case you use an RTK network, this is referenced in line with the base stations of that network. For UNI-RTK Premium, this is ETRS89. An example, for the Netherlands, you pick Amersfoort / RD 2018.

Project Mode & Project Settings

The Project Mode refers to how the Survey Tool is presented to you. You can leave this at default, for a normal survey. If you want to perform a Seismic Survey, you select Seismic. In the future, more modes will be added for specific markets.

With project settings, you set the minimum accuracy for the project as well as the pole height you use. Before you are able to select project settings, you have to configure these first. Check out this article on how to do so.

After these settings are made, you can select an already configured project settings. If you have used the same as we have done in the article on setting profiles, it will look like this:

Open Project

All that’s left, is hit “Save” and you have created your project which you can open from the projects list in UNI-Connect -> Survey -> Projects. Find your project in the list and click “Open”.

Tutorial Video & Layers

Check out the process step-by-step in our tutorial video, starting at 5:42. Please note that in order to survey a point, you have to have at least one layer created first.
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