How do I stake a line between two points?

Stake and mark the point

You are able to make points, polylines, or polygons in your project environment. We also know that you can use an imported file to stake to a point in that file. You are also able to make a polyline between those two points. Do you already know how to use a point for stakeout? If not, read our article here! Simply press on the first point you want to use for stakeout and go. When staked to that point, mark the spot with a marker that is intended for temporarily marking a spot on the ground. When you are on that first point, go to the next one that is already made in your project. This point is going to be the end of the polyline. You need to stake to this point to mark it with the temporary marker again. When you have marked the two spots, you can make sure that it will be centimetre accurate for making the polyline.

Make the polyline

Select the polyline option to make a line from one marked point to another. Set the first point for the line and proceed with making a stakeout to the other one. When you are exactly at the last point, create the line.

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